Fouta Herringbone 2 Stripes

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One of our best sellers, this beautifully hand crafted fouta towel exudes italian chic and can be paired with it's matching fouta guest towel to adorn a his and hers bathroom.

Featured in Architectural Digest magazine and winner of the "Best New Bath Product" Award at the New York International Gift Fair in 2011. 

 Now in a beautiful array of eight colors.


It is recommended to wash it twice before using to get the best absorbency and softness.

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Lola Wienfield

Absolutely Amazing!

I have always been using the regular terry towel and never thought of any other replacement...I was wrong. I'm blown away! My entire family enjoys its softness, beautiful designs and how it really absorbs.

    Eva D

    amazing quality

    I find those fouta towels just amazing. I was not sure of how they would be as bath towel and now i am completely sold !! wont ever use a terry towel.

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