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How to choose your bed throw?

We spend 25 years of our life sleeping. It’s a good reason to take care of the quality of our bed! The bedroom used to be the private room, the one we never showed to anyone. Now, not only we decorate if for us but for others and we want to show it off as the rest of the house.

Since the development of the household linen and interior decoration, having a high quality and beautiful bed set is a way to show your social status and your taste. The wide range of products offer the possibility to play with a lot of materials, colors, ornaments and styles. As consumers we also have the responsibility to purchase from brands that have a low print on the environment buying products eco-friendly.

You need to realize that your bed is composed of various elements to whom you can match your throw: fitted sheet, sheets, pillowcase, bolster case and duvet cover. The bed throw is the only element that is not essential but the most wanted accessory lately. You can choose a bed throw for a functional use and/or just for decoration. Here are the elements you have to take in consideration:
  • The material: wool throws are heavy and thick, but they can be scratchy for certain kinds of skins. So, you can go with a wool throw or choose a lighter throw: the fleece (they are easier to clean). Synthetic materials are appreciated too because they are very soft and fluffy, but they can get damaged with time.
  • The size: the best option is to pick the same as the one of your bed or a bit smaller if it’s more a matter of decoration.
  • The price: if you are looking for a cheap throw, you should choose fleece or synthetic material. Wool throws are more expensive because they are more delicate to maintain but also last longer. Adjust the expense to your budget and the use.
Finally, choose the colors and patterns that you like the most and have them match the rest of the bedroom.