Set of 6 Moroccan Tea Glasses Hand Painted Garden


Enjoy the delicate hand painted garden design of this beautiful Moroccan set of 6 tea cups

Perfect as a juice, water, cocktail or elegant wine

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Elevate your dining experience with the enchanting allure of our hand-painted Moroccan tea cup set—a symphony of delicate garden motifs that whispers of sun-kissed afternoons and blossoming blooms.

Why limit their charm to just tea? These cups transcend tradition. Sip freshly squeezed orange juice from their curved edges, the vibrant hues mirroring the citrus groves. Or perhaps you’re hosting an intimate soirée—these cups effortlessly transform into vessels for chilled water or tantalizing cocktails. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are as endless as a summer day.

And let’s not forget the wine enthusiasts. Pair these tea cups with their matching drinking glasses, and suddenly your table becomes a canvas of elegance. The seamless coordination adds a touch of sophistication, whether you’re serving a robust red or a crisp white. The interplay of colors—subtle yet captivating—creates a harmonious tableau.

Designed to evoke warmth and celebration, this Moroccan tea cup set invites you to linger, to savor life’s simple pleasures. As the sun filters through the leaves outside, let your senses dance with every sip. Whether it’s a quiet morning or a festive evening, these cups promise to infuse your days with the spirit of summer, no matter the season.

6.5 oz capacity
Limited quantities
Hand wash
Do not scrub

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Weight 6 lbs

clear gold pink

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