Set of 6 Wine Glasses Clear Gold Spots


Beautifully handprinted by artisans, this set of clear wine glasses with gold spots will surely be the talk of the party.
Perfect to drink your wine, or anything else you would like to


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These glasses are meticulously handprinted by skilled artisans, and their delicate gold spots add a touch of magic. These spots catch the light, creating a mesmerizing effect. It’s like wearing jewelry for your drink!

When you bring out these glasses, they’ll steal the show. Your guests will admire their uniqueness. “Where did you find these?” they’ll ask. You’ll be the host with the most.

Yes, they’re perfect for wine—whether it’s red, white, or bubbly. But guess what? They’re versatile! Use them for cocktails, mocktails, or even sparkling water. Every sip becomes special.

The smaller size is perfect for cozy moments—a cup of tea or coffee. The larger size is ready for celebrations—a toast to life’s joys.

So go ahead, clink those glasses and let the good times flow. These handprinted wonders are more than drinkware; they’re memories waiting to be made. Cheers

Available in tea and drinking size

12 oz capacity

Hand wash
Do not scrub

Made in Morocco

Additional information
Weight 6 lbs

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