Hammam Towel

by Sophie Admin

Beautifully hammam towel designed by Scents and FeelThe Hammam Towel was introduced during the Ottoman Empire and became an essential part of their everyday culture. These hammam towels were considered as necessary companions to the daily life and mostly used in Turkish baths for centuries. The Turkish baths, which were the equivalence of today’s spas, were a very important part of the Ottoman culture and transcended down throughout history. Hammam towels were used by men and women, who would not only use them as typical towels, but would also use them as elegant wraps to go around the Turkish baths.

Made of 100% natural cotton and hand loomed the same way it has been done for centuries, Scents and Feel’s Hamman towels are still produced in the same way as they have been for generations. The hand woven hammam towels are finished with hand knotted fringes, which have brought them much attention and marked them with a very unique stamp. This Hammam towel is very different from the typical terry bath towel that we are all used to seeing, for it is a much larger, lighter, and more practical towel. Due to its flat weave, these hammam towels dry extremely quickly and are surprisingly absorbent, making them a more practical and eco-friendly product. They are very easily transported, for they fit perfectly into a beach bag or suitcase and are perfect to bring along when seeking an adventure or peaceful moment at the beach.

With a rich Tunisian cultural background, the founders of Scents and Feel decided to bring the Hammam towel to the United States in 2007 and created the trend of the versatile and “OMG!” towel. Scents and Feel has continued to encourage the versatility of the hammam towels, as they can be used as a traditional bath towel, eye-catching beach towel, elegant throw for the home, blanket for cute picnics or tablecloths made for great dinner parties. The Scents and Feel Hammam towels, which are larger than the typical hammam towels, allow the lucky person to enjoy its multipurpose functions.  Following the immense success of the 38” by 78” hammam towels, Scents and Feel decided to bring their idea of the hammam hand towel to the Tunisian artisans and introduce the hammam hand towels, which are perfect to use as hand towels in the bathroom, kitchen towels, tea towels, oversized napkins, and elegant placemats. Due our designer’s fashion background and her perfect sense on colors and designs, as well as her thorough knowledge on the quality of our materials, our Scents and Feel hammam towels are always one step ahead of the latest trends that are bringing beautiful accents to our daily lives.  


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