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Hand woven turkish towel with polka dots acccentsThe Turkish towel, also known as pestemals or foutas, are light weight traditionally hand woven towels created in the 18th century and used in the Turkish baths also known as hammam baths. They were hand loomed and large enough to be used by both men and women of all ages not only as a towel but also as wrap to be able to walk throughout the baths or cover ups for the clothes while working. As the Ottoman Empire took over a large part of North Africa, the use of the Turkish towels were spread all over the empire and were adopted by all. Other countries started to make their own like North Africa, for example, and they were named fouta towels.

The specifics of the Turkish towel are that they are made of 100% natural cotton using a loom technique and finished with hand tied fringes on both ends. The precise production process consisting of weaving different colored cotton fibers together makes them extremely absorbent and soft with time. The traditional Turkish towel is a very light weight towel which makes it fast drying, ideal for a bath towel or kitchen towel. This dual functionality also allows it to serve many other purposes in the home. The Turkish towel, with its generous size of 38×78″ can be enjoyed as a bath towel, a beach towel, a throw for the home, sofa or bed throw, picnic blanket, or even a tablecloth or table runner. Cotton is very easy to clean which is music to many ears. In addition to the larger sized Turkish towels, the guest towel size of 20×28″ is the perfect size for kitchen towels, hand towels, and placemats. The ease of washing these cotton Turkish towels make them perfect for everyday use in the home.

beautiful set of turkish towel in a chick herringbone weave
Scents and Feel was the first trend setter to really introduce the Turkish towel into the US and within months, the press was all over our new “up and coming” home staple that everyone just had to have. Scents and Feel advertises its versatility, luxurious style, and the fact that it can be used for many purposes in the home. Scents and Feel Turkish towel towels are known for their uniqueness, amazing quality and exquisite designs in both elegant and fun colors. Each pieces is made with love by the best artisans in the region. We bring you the centuries old Hammam bath towel to the modern day to enhance your sense of fashion as well as the beauty of your environment in your everyday life and during your leisure.

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