Turkish Beach Towel

by Sophie Admin

Soft and elegant ethnic desigh turkish beach towel by Scents and FeelWhat is a Turkish beach towel and what makes it different from a regular beach towel you may ask? There are two answers, quality and uniqueness. The Turkish beach towel traditionally made of cotton has been used for centuries, originating in the period of the Ottoman Turks in the 14th century. Turkish cotton has been grown since then in the Aegean, Southeastern Anatolia and East Mediterranean regions. The cotton fibers are extracted and made into long fibers that are loomed together to create the beautifully crafted Turkish beach towel. The result of this centuries old process is a natural, hygienic, permeable, and absorbent beach towel with unbeatable quality and one of a kind designs.

Turkish Beach Towels were traditionally used by royalty such as Sultans of the Ottoman dynasty. In ancient Turkish traditions, when two people were to be marries, they would each give their partner to be a towel as a gift.  Over time the use of these towels diversified and are now used as leisurely beach towels. This came about as the beaches of Turkey became more and more popular with flocks of celebrities and socialites spending their summer vacations along the coast, the Turkish beach towels became very popular among the masses. We were really the first innovators to bring this Turkish style beach towel to the US.  The Scents and Feel’s multi colored turkish beach towel was featured in Martha Stewart. Our Spring/Summer collection is created every year by fashion designer Jenny Haik who takes inspiration from colors and patterns seen on the fashion runways, the surroundings of Europe, Africa, and wherever else the world takes her.

Shades of blues Turkish beach towels by Scents and feel

We proudly create a unique high quality product for our trendy, cultured customers to enjoy. Whether you’re jet setting to the south of France on a summer vacation or spending time with family in the beach house, we have created Turkish beach towel collections that appeal to any summer style.  One of the most widely loved features of our beach towels is the hand tied fringe! You can find ordinary terry beach towels anywhere but our beach towels offer the unique elements of a centuries old hand loomed technique, beautifully crafted fringe, and excellent textile quality. Another great feature people love about our Scents and Feel beach towels is that sand doesn’t stick! The looming technique creates a permeable and light weight flat layer that causes the sand to rub right off, so don’t worry about the mess, we have it taken care of. So when you plan for your next beach outing, don’t forget to bring your Scents and Feel beach towel show off your sophisticated “Mediterranean” style beach style.

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