Turkish Bath Towel

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Elegant turkish bath towel designed by Scents and feelThe Turkish bath towel, also known as pestemals or fouta towel, are a traditional flat hand woven towels created in the 18th century and used in the Turkish baths also known as hammams bath. They are made of 100% natural cotton and finished with hand tied fringes.  Throughout history the Turkish bath towels were produced by a technique involving weaving the fibers on hand looms by people in Turkey’s Black and Aegean regions. The traditional weaving technique used allows the Turkish bath towels to be extremely absorbent and soft over time. The versatility and durability of these cotton fibers made it appealing to the masses as the everyday bath towel for all ages.

Scents and Feel Turkish bath towels are known for its functionality and versatility therefore has a purpose in the home and beyond! While it was traditionally used as a bath towel, it’s functionality has evolved over time. The Turkish bath towel, with its generous size of 38×78″ can be used in addition to a bath towel, as a beach towel, a throw, blanket, picnic blanket, or even a tablecloth or runner on a table. Turkish Bath towels are the preferred travel accessory as they serve many needs and are very light weight which makes them extremely easy to pack on trips. For tropical destinations, they can serve as an excellent soft and generously sized beach blanket, cover up, or towel to dry yourself with. Don’t rely on hotels to have the most comforting and luxurious bath towels. There’s nothing like wrapping yourself in your own clean crisp Turkish bath towel after a fresh shower on a hot sunny day. Another great use for the towels is to wear it as an accessory. Make a fashion statement and wear one of the Scents and Feel bath towels as a elegant shawl, scarf or even a sarong or wrap on your next summer adventure.

On the other hand, for trips in cooler temperatures they serve as an excellent source of warmth, as they are commonly made of wool fibers which absorbs moisture and attracts warmth. The generous size of the towels allows you to use it as a blanket while sitting by the fireplace. No matter the destination, there is a Turkish towel that will serve as the perfect travel accessory.

Scents and Feel Turkish bath towel towels are known for their uniqueness, amazing quality and exquisite designs in both elegant and fun colors. Each piece is made with love by the best artisans in the region. We proudly bring you the centuries old Hammam bath towel to the modern day to enhance your sense of fashion and culture as well as the beauty of your environment in your everyday life and during your leisure.

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